Net Generation

A new kid-friendly approach to tennis that hopes to inspire the next generation of young tennis players will be launched at the US Open.

The revolutionary new brand, Net Generation, will provide American tennis with one unified youth brand for children to get into the sport, making it easier for children and their parents to learn about tennis and get into the game in schools, parks and tennis clubs across the country. The movement embraces all aspects of youth play for kids ages 5-18. “Net Generation is a bold approach to empower kids to play the game while elevating and setting new standards on how we deliver and engage children in our sport,” said Craig Morris, General Manager, USTA Community Tennis and Youth Tennis. “These efforts will make a lasting impact to help drive youth participation throughout the country. There is no bigger and better stage than the US Open to launch the brand.”

The objective of Net Generation is to provide a safe connection to the sport, as well as a platform to celebrate individuality and self-expression. To ensure a safe environment, all Net Generation providers – including coaches, teachers, players and volunteers – must first go through a Safe Play Program, which involves a three-step process, including a background check, by registering on For more information, please visit