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On-Court Training

The USTA offers two unique types of trainings: Recreational Coach Workshops and Recreational QuickStart Tennis Workshops. Our expert trainers will make the experience everything you were looking for. Whichever workshop you choose, our staff will ensure an exceptional experience that only the USTA can provide.

USTA On-Court Training is composed of the Recreational Coach Workshop (RCW) and the Recreational QuickStart Tennis Workshop (QST) Over 300 workshops are conducted each year reaching over 9,000 participants. Each workshop has specific goals in mind to help prepare coaches, instructors and parents to give tennis players of all ages and abilities an exceptional experience. RCWs target those working with people of all ages, while QSTs are for those only working with kids 10 & Under.

Is a Recreational On-Court Training for me?

These workshops are designed for anyone working with entry level players who are looking to instill a love of the game.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to help grow tennis!
  • Parents and Grandparents seeking the basics in coaching and organizing teams
  • Park & Recreation instructors
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Middle and High School coaches and teachers
  • After School Providers
  • Adaptive tennis instructors and program providers
  • League Captains

What happens in a Recreational On-Court training?

Lead by specially educated and certified national trainers, these interactive workshops help you learn to become a recreational coach by immersing you in dynamic on-court activities.

I am interested in team tennis. Will a Recreational On-Court Training prepare me?

Yes. Tennis is not only an individual sport, it’s all about teams. You will learn how to easily set up team competitions with scoring and equipment that is age appropriate. For children 10 & U these elements are part of a play format known as QuickStart Tennis. Kids aged 11-18 progress to Jr. Team Tennis and then to adult leagues.

What do I receive from a Recreational On-Court Training?

  • Training from a certified PTR and/ or USPTA professional who has received special training from the USTA
  • Recreational Practice Plans
  • A Participant Manual
  • Coaching Minute
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • The knowledge to implement the QuickStart Tennis play format in your programming
  • Access to the latest in modified equipment and additional coaching resources and sample balls

Tennis Coaching Certification

There are two main ways to become certified as a professional tennis coach: through the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).

PTR was founded in 1976, by world renowned coach Dennis Van der Meer.  Dennis saw the need to develop a universal language and progressions for tennis teaching. PTR Membership offers unparalleled educational materials, opportunities, career assistance and most importantly, worldwide recognition and respect. PTR’s mission is to educate, certify and service tennis teachers and coaches around the world in order to grow the game.


USPTA offers unequalled opportunities for tennis-teaching professionals to improve their teaching skills and increase their business knowledge. Today’s tennis teachers are expected to assume a variety of business and social responsibilities in addition to their traditional job functions. USPTA helps prepare its members to meet these challenges.

USPTA is governed nationally by a democratically elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The daily administration of USPTA is overseen by the CEO at the World Headquarters in Houston.



Click here to find out how to get certified.

For Recreational Coaches

Teach large groups? Then you’ll want to check out our PDF Top 10 Games Every Coach Should Know, link here: These games handle a minimum of 4-8 players per court, can be operated by the coach or the students, and are adaptable to various skill levels. By using these games in your practices, players will have fun while honing their skills and tactics. And having fun means greater retention for all players in your program!

Are you looking to purchase foam and low-compression balls but can’t find any? 
Go to and search for: racquets, balls, and training aides. You will find several stores where you can buy these products. You can also purchase foam balls at the USTA store.

Looking for tennis coaching and teaching opportunities?

Contact your local Park, club, High School, Middle School, and Community Center to inquire about coaching prospects in your community. Click here for volunteer opportunities through the USTA.

Attending a Recreational Coach Workshop is the first step in learning to introduce the game to others. If you are interested in receiving teaching certification, please visit the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and U.S. Professional Tennis Association (USPTA).

The USTA’s Coaching Youth Tennis online course includes the Coaching Youth Tennis book and the 30-minute Games Approach to Coaching Tennis video.

Let us know what you thought of the Recreational Coach Workshop. E-mail with comments or questions.

DID YOU KNOW… According to a Sporting Good Manufacturing Association (SGMA) survey, TENNIS is the only traditional sport that has grown in participation in the past 5 years – up 10.3%.