USTA Rhode Island Board of Directors – ​ Minutes – October 7, 2019         CLCF, CRANSTON RI

Board Members In Attendance: Doug Chapman,  Steven Cohen, Mo Raissi, Sandy Sweet,  Anne Sullivan, Ryan Harry, Paul Brazenor,  Frank Laliberte, Courtney Smith, Terry Charles

Absent:  Randy Osga

Also in attendance:  Christy Bennett, TSR, Charlie Michaelman, RI Local League Coordinator, John Jasionowski

Doug Chapman called the meeting to order at 7:18pm.

Secretary’s report:  Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed.  Moh Raissi made a motion to accept.  Sandy Sweet seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report:  Reviewed and filed.

President’s report:  Doug Chapman gave the President’s report.

Adult League  report:  Anne Sullivan and Charlie Michaelman talked about the 2019 Adult League seasons.

USTA New England report:  Christy Bennett reported the following:

1) Community Outreach in Newport

  1. Newport Tennis & Fitness will begin winter programming at the YMCA

– ACE-ing Autism

– Wheelchair

– red & orange ball classes: K-4

– Adam Zaccaro & Wayne Turner will instruct

  1. Team FA ME will begin fall and winter programming at the Boys and Girls Club of


– Grades K-4

– During regular after school program

2) Junior TeamTennis

  1. TennisLink goals-107; TO DATE-20

– winter season should have 90-100 register & goal will most likely be reached

  1. Team Challenges goal-49; TO DATE-303

3) Central Falls-most likely will build a courts, but the city is still looking for additional funding;

4) Shawna Fors will be conducting seminars across the section for coaches, parents, and players to discuss Competitive Pathways Changes for 2020. R I will be November 25,2019 at 12:00PM at Center Court;

5) Four Pawtucket Elementary schools received Net, Generation Equipment Kits on Fridays Oct 4, 2019. They may do some kind of press release in the future.

JTT Report: The Winter league is forming now.  Forecourt is adding a 14 and under team and there will be a team out of East Bay this winter.  There are 303 players registered for Team Challenges.

High School Report:  The main draw for the girls’ individual tournament will be held on Oct. 18-20.  The playoffs for the high school teams will be held the following week.


Randy Osga made a $160 donation to the Judy Brucks Scholarship.

Tennis on Campus:  Paul Brazenor prepared a pamphlet that will be reviewed by Doug Chapman and forwarded to the NE Marketing Dept. for printing.


  • A date for the 2020 High School Coaches Workshop will be announced at the next Board meeting.
  • There were only two applicants for the NE Tennis Weekend scholarship – Tara Thibaudeau and Tina Schroeder. They are the same two attendees from last year. Paul Brazenor made a motion that the USTA RI board pay only the registration fee and any on court sessions attending.  Motion was seconded by Courtney Smith.  Vote was 6 against, 2 for and 1 abstention.  Ryan Harry made a motion the pay the $250 tennis scholarship to the two applicants.  Sandy Sweet seconded.  Vote was 6 for, 3 against.
  • A Tennis Weekend Policy was created. Frank LaLiberte made a motion that going forward no full scholarships can be awarded two consecutive years.  Terry Charles seconded. Vote was 7 for, 2 abstentions.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Sullivan