USTA Rhode Island Board of Directors – ​ Minutes – June 19, 2019


Board Members In Attendance:  Doug Chapman,  Steven Cohen, Mo Raissi, Sandy Sweet, Randy Osga, Anne Sullivan, Ryan Harry, Paul Brazenor, Terry Charles

Absent:  Frank Laliberte, Courtney Smith

Also in attendance:  Charlie Michaelman, LLC; Christy Bennett, TSR, John Jasionowski

Doug Chapman called the meeting to order at  7:22pm.

 Secretary’s report:  Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed. One name correction: should be Matt Kuhar.  Terry Charles  made a motion to accept.  Randy Osga  seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report:  Reviewed and filed.   The CD was renewed for 25 months.

President’s report:  Doug Chapman gave the President’s report.

Adult League  report:  Charlie Michaelman reported there were fewer players in the leagues but more teams.  Wants to target the college club teams to promote the Adult Leagues.  Paul and Charlie will work on a pamphlet to distribute.

USTA New England report:  Christy Bennett reported the following:

  • USTA Days at Hall of Fame – We will have a presence on Sunday, which is kids day, Wednesday for NJTL Day and Friday for the Wheelchair event and WITT Section Event.
  • JTT in RI – We have 2 teams for local league and 4 for Advancing League and will have a State Tournament this year.
  • PTM – students’ 10 day stay is complete.  They were supported by the ITHF and SouthCoast Wheelchair Association
  • 3 on 3 tournaments – still looking to do 3 on 3 JTT Tournaments on College Campuses with Tennis on Campus players
  • Progresso Latino – Has had tennis this summer with Courtney Smith teaching.
  • Equipment kit delay- All Net Generation Equipment Kits for teachers and Community Providers are delayed until August due to backorder.

Tennis HOF report:  Ryan Harry gave the HOF report.

WITT report:  The Women in Tennis event was successful.  It was held at Bryant University with 26 girls attending.

High School Tennis report:  The spring boys’ tennis season went fine.  Expenses were on the high side.  August 14th is the scheduled date for the Fall girls coaches meeting being held at Barrington High School.

Adaptive Tennis Report:  Adaptive tennis location moved from Westport to Somerset, MA.


 Coaches’ Workshop:  Ryan Harry will schedule a committee meeting.  Committee members are:  Ryan Harry, Randy Osga, Mo Raissi, Steve Cohen, and John Jasionowski.

 College Awards:  Awards will be presented on Wednesday, 7/17, during the HOF tournament.


  • Randy Osga reported that he plans to run a play day for children ages 12 – 20. Date and location will be determined.  Also, he will donate 20 stringing jobs to the USTA Rhode Island Foundation. There will be a USTA tournament held in Bristol, RI in July.
  • Doug reported that Sandy Sweet will arrange to have Anne Sullivan trained on posting items to the Board’s website.
  • Mo Raissi reported that he plans to run a “parent/child” tournament in August and will donate proceeds to the USTA Rhode Island Foundation.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:02pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Sullivan